by Jim Amos

MAY 2014

DVD #177

This one hour and thirty-eight minute video includes footage from the 422 ALL STARS Nostalgia Super Series race held at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Md on May 24, 2014.

This was the second race of the 2014 season for the 422 ALL STARS group and they had thirty-three cars of various makes ready to do battle on the historic quarter mile at Capitol.

The primary focus of this video was to capture all the activities associated with the 422 ALL STARS and we followed them both in the pits and out on the track during the event. We started off by taking a look at the three rounds of Time Trials that set the qualifying ladder. We also include selective driver introductions where they tell us about their cars. After that we followed them all the way through their five elimination rounds. After the final round we did an interview with the winner. The racing was very exciting as we saw various match-ups of brand vs. brand. I really enjoyed seeing the Fords, Mercury’s, Dodge’s, Plymouth’s, Pontiac’s and Chevrolet’s beat up on each other during the event. As it turned out there were two Oldsmobile’s in the final round. When was the last time you saw something like that?  Great stuff.

I did an interview with Bob Banning, Jr and he told the story of how his father became involved in drag racing back in 1962. The team of Tom Sneden and Dave Reitz campaigned a series of cars for the Bob Banning Dodge dealership back in the 1960's and 1970's and they were very successful on both the regional and national level. I also learned that Bob Banning also sponsored a NASCAR Grand National Car that competed at Daytona back in 1970. Very interesting story. Bob also told us how he recently decided to get back into drag racing by sponsoring cars for his old teammates Tom Sneden and Dave Reitz. Both Tom and Dave were entered in the 422 All Star race with Bob Banning sponsored Dodge Nostalgia Super Stockers. Dave Reitz’s son Mike also runs a Bob Banning sponsored car and the 2014 422 All Stars Series Champion Kevin Grasson was driving a Banning (Bounty Hunters) theme Dodge. How cool is that?  

I also talked to the legendary Jack Redd (JA Approved) about the history of Capitol Raceway. Jack actually worked at Capitol when it opened back in 1961 and he shared some interesting tidbits of information about the track.  

A major portion of this video is dedicated to Big Block American Muscle Cars of the 1960's in action on the track and we like it like that. We have included voice over narration that explains what is going on throughout the racing action. In the narration we provide you with information related to dial-ins, reaction times, elapsed times and if need be break-out information. We attempted to duplicate what you would see and hear while watching a drag race on TV.  

We also show you some of the bracket action that was taking place along with the 422 All Stars program. I even did an interview with a racer (Ben “Smokey” Garnett) who has been competing at Capitol with the same car for the last twenty years. Great story.

We have also included some flashback original movie footage of racing at Capitol back in the 1960's. You will see that some things still look the same and other things have changed throughout the years.  

If you are a fan of Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racing this video is for you. The 422 All Stars put on a show just like it was back in the 1960's. The only thing different is how quick and fast these cars have become. Get you copy today.  

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the 422 ALL STARS @ CAPITOL video.  Keep in mind the full 104 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.