by Jim Amos

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 DVD #162

This eighty-two minute video includes footage from the 422 ALLSTARS Nostalgia Super Series race held at Mason Dixon Dragway in Boonsboro, Md on August 22, 2010.

This is the sixth race of the season for the 422 ALLSTARS group and they had twenty cars of various makes ready to do battle on the historic quarter mile at Mason Dixon Dragway.   It was also Ford day at the track and we had a chance to check out some of the special Ford Show Cars that showed up for the event.  I really enjoyed seeing an old 1950 Ford B/Gasser and talking with its owner Bob Badger.  It had a solid front axel and cut out rear wheel wells and it was also very impressive on the track as it ran in the mid-elevens. 

The primary focus of this video was to capture all the activities associated with the 422 ALLSTARS and we followed their every movement during the day.  We started off by taking a look at their tech inspection process and then two rounds of Time Trials.  During that process we had each driver introduce themselves and tell us a little bit about their driving experience and some details about their cars.  After that we followed them all the way through their elimination rounds right down to the final run.  We also did interviews with both the winner and runner-up.  The racing was very exciting as we saw various match-ups of brand vs. brand.  I really enjoyed seeing the FordsMercury’sDodgesPlymouths and Chevrolet’s beat up on each other during the day.  We also had a couple of exciting racing incidents that resulted in damage to several vehicles.  Luckily no one was hurt and the cars are repairable.  

Danny O’Day also put on an exhibition show with his Super Winch '34 Ford Wheelstander.  Danny made two runs and had the crowd yelling for more.  His best run was an 8.92 at 151 MPH on the rear bumper.  Unbelievable.  

We also captured the final run in the Pro Ford class and what a cool car ended up winning the cash.  How about a 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon that runs in the 10.3's.  Man that thing was impressive.  

I also found a young lady wearing a stars and bars rebel flag bikini top and I could not resist the temptation to talk to her about it.  She is a real Rebel and pulled no punches in her interview.  

I also talked to 422 ALLSTARS Series Coordinator Rich LaMont and he filled us in on what they do with the Series.  These guys are very serious about what they do and it is a very professional group to say the least.  If you have enjoyed our other Nostalgia Super Stock videos I am sure you will enjoy this one as well.  Factory Super Stock Style Racing At Its Best.

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the 422 ALLSTARS N/SS RACE video.  Keep in mind the full 82 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.  The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.