by Jim Amos


DVD # 167

I was invited to attend the annual 422 All Stars Awards Banquet in Pennsylvania in early 2012.  Of course I took along my video equipment and found that it was a very special event in the world of Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racing.  

In case you did not know it the 422 All Stars is a Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racing group that conducts one day races at various drag strips in the Mid-Atlantic area.  The group has an assortment of Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Chevrolet drag race cars.  On their web page they have this announcement: 

Relive The Glory Days of Drag Racing
  Incredible, 60's vintage, Detroit big block power
   All driver, all motor.... 
 The way drag racing was meant to be

You can read more about them on their web page: www.422allstars.com

During the course of the evening the group recognized their major sponsors and the racers that earned a position in the top ten point earners during the 2011 racing season.  The way they went about presenting their program was nothing short of terrific.  Midway through the program they showed a video that was put together by Bob Fort who just happened to be one of the award recipients.  We have included a complete copy of the video in this production.  It is outstanding!  

I have to admit that I really enjoyed putting this video together because it gives you a look at our Nostalgia Drag Racing Community from a very positive perspective. This was an absolutely first class event with first class people.  This is a chance to meet the people behind the cars that we see on the track.  

There is very little actual drag racing footage in this production but you will be entertained in a way that you have not been entertained in any of our other productions.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this video and get to meet the special people who are part of the 422 ALL STARS.