by Jim Amos

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The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the 1971 AHRA Summernationals video.  Keep in mind the full 104 min video is in broadcast quality digital video. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.

#015  DVD

This one hundred and four minute original movie production includes rare footage of the only AHRA event held at the York US 30 Drag Strip.  You will see action in the following classes:  Top Fuel,  Funny CarPro Super StockGT-1GT2 CompetitionStreet and Stock. 

The video begins with a look at the time trials on Saturday and you get a close up look at many of the stars of AHRA:  The Kimball Brothers, Jerry BickelMike GableJoe Williamson, Hiner & MillerGene DunlapTomlinson & Topletz and Jim Hayter in the Fred Gibb ZL-1 Camaro.  The Top Fuel class was led by the rear engine dragster of "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, King & Marshall, Jim NicollDon CookSteve CarboneKansas John Wiebe and the "Golden Greek" Chris Karamesines.  

Funny Car class we have:  Gene SnowMickey ThompsonDick HarrellTom Hoover, The Ramchargers and Al Bergler among others.  

In the heads-up Pro Super Stock class we have:  Joe SatmaryBob Lambeck, RamchargersGapp & Roush, Bill Hielscher and the local cars of Bill StilesDave StricklerSam Auxier, Rich LaMontChick DiNinno, Al Joniec and Carmen Rotunda.  

One of the guys competing in Street Eliminator was Dan Jesel of Jesel Valvetrain Components and we have included a detailed interview with this giant in the after market performance parts industry.  I was amazed at how his business was formed and how he revolutionized the industry.  He was also a very good racer and you get to see just how good he was.  We have also included a special human interest story about Joe Saltalamachia Jr. and his Chevrolet powered '55 Tbird.  Joe's car was a garage find in 2005 and today it is back on the track.   We also talked to Rich LaMont about his Pro Super Stock Maverick as well as the legendary Jack Roush about his Gapp and Roush Shotgun Boss 429 Maverick.  George Nye was the announcer at York US 30 and we talked to him about the appearance of the American Hot Rod Association at York.  George also gave us an interested perspective of the exhibition Jet Dragster of Art Arfons.  Arfons made several runs during the weekend with a passenger onboard his Super Cyclops Dragster.  What a ride!

On Sunday we follow the Eliminations from the first round through the final runs in all the categories.  There are plenty of surprises along the way including the first female eliminator winner in the history of AHRA.  Best of all though it is some first class racing.  

There are a whole bunch of cars in this video many of which are famous and many not so famous.  In any event this is a chapter in the history of one of the most famous drag strips in the country that you must see.  Usually we take the time to dub real car sounds on to the movie footage in order to give you the most realistic sights and sounds available of the golden era of drag racing but this time you get to hear the actual sounds of these cars when they ran at York.  Film contributor Dave Eicherly actually had an audio recorder synchronized to his 8mm film camera and about 85 per cent of what you hear is what Dave captured back in August of 1971.  That is too cool.   We have also included relative narration in the video so you can follow all the action that takes place.  Get your copy today.  Our DVD includes 24 Chapter markers so you can quickly navigate to your favorite part of the video.

I know we have lost many Racers from the golden era of Drag Racing and many of the Drag Strips are long gone but here at Bee On Video we hope to take you back in time so you can relive those exciting days when the legends raced.  We will continue to document the history of our sport and tell the story of the people who made it what it is today.  So if you like what we are doing please pass the word and help to support our effort.  
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