by Jim Amos

  DVD #020   

This one hour and fifty-eight minute original movie production takes a look at racing activities at the 1972 Super Stock Magazine Nationals at York US 30 Drag Strip. We have also included bonus footage from Englishtown Dragway, Island Dragway and Maryland International Dragway.

The video shows cars in Pro StockBlown Funny CarInjected Funny CarSuper Stock and Stock classes. You get to see the cars making time runs and then eliminator action in all classes.  

The racing footage has real car sounds rather than dubbed-in sound bits. We were able to acquire original 8mm film with accompanying sound and blended the two together to a near perfect match. You get to see and hear Pro Stock legends doing dry burnouts, backups and then bang shifting the gears down the track. There were no two-step electronic boxes back then just "pedal to the metal" launches and runs. Great stuff. The Funny Car runs are some of the best you will ever see. Once again, dry burnouts, back-ups and short blurps up to the line. This is the way I remember the Funny Cars back in the 1970's.  

Here is a partial list of some of the Pro Stockers: Dave Stickler, Bill Jenkins, Ronnie Sox, Herb McClandless, Wally Booth, Richie Zul, Mike Fons, Bill Blanding, Jungle Jim, Chick DeNinno, Ronnie Lyles, Arlen Vanke, Al Joniac, Lee Edwards, Gapp & Roush and Carmen Rotonda. On the Funny Car side we have: Jungle Jim, Gene Snow, Shirley Muldowney, Bob Banning Dodge, Joe Jacono, The Hawaiian, Roger Lindamood, L A Hooker, Bobby Wood, Custom Body, Kingfish and the Stardust Cuda. In the Super Stock category we have Peter Faucetta, Norm Fryer, Bernie Agaman, Ken Montgomery and the Fink Brothers.  

We have also included several interviews with people who were part of the 1972 Super Stock Nationals. First you hear from Carmen Rotonda as he talks about how he got involved with Rufus "Brooklyn Heavy" Boyd. Carmen takes us through the progression of cars he ran with "Heavy" up to and including the Pro Stock Challenger which is featured in this video. Thanks to the generosity of John Gill of Drag Racing Underground we are able to include the last known interview with "Brooklyn Heavy" before he passed away in 2010. I believe you will find the Rotonda/Brooklyn Heavy story to be very interesting. Another interesting story is provided by Gene Snow "The Snowman." Back in 1972 Snow had a two car team and you hear Gene talk about his teammate Jake Johnson. We also have interviews with Bob Banning Dodge teammates Tom Sneden and Dave Reitz. Both these guys are still racing in 2013. Great stuff. 

We also include an interview with Jim "The Painter" Hartner of Philadelphia, Pa. Jim did speciality paint and lettering work back in the day. We talk to him about the work he did for Jungle Jim and Bill Jenkins.

We have also included a segment dedicated to the memory of Super Stock Racer Ken Montgomery. Ken's Triple Nickle "555" 1965 Hemi Plymouth is legendary at York. Ken continued to race his original Hemi Plymouth until his passing in 2013. He will be missed.  

You also get to meet the guy who was the primary contributor to this production.  Dave Eicherly of York, Pa is the guy who took his little 8mm film camera and an audio recorder to York US 30 and captured most of the sights and sounds contained in this video. Thank goodness Dave had the vision to capture and preserve this special era of drag racing history.

We have limited our story-line narration in order to focus primary attention on the race car sounds. We wanted to let the cars do most of the talking. We do however provide pertinent information so you can follow all the action taking place on the track. Get your copy today. Our DVD includes 12 Chapter markers so you can quickly navigate to your favorite part of the video.

View a Promotional Clip of the 1972 Super Stock Nationals @ York US 30 Dragway.