by Jim Amos

4/27  2013


DVD # 170

This one hour and forty minute video includes footage from the First Annual FE Race & Reunion held at Beaver Springs Raceway Beaver Springs, PA on 4/27, 2013.

The primary focus of this video was to capture a cross section of the activities associated with the FE Race & Reunion. We started off by taking a look at the car show which consisted of all FE powered cars and trucks. Yes I said trucks. I was impressed with the number of show quality trucks that were on the show grounds. I was especially interested in the F-100 XL Drag Race truck owned by Bill Naubain. Bill outlined the truck’s history in an interview and I was able to include some original racing footage from our Bee On Video film library to show how it ran back in the day. Great story.  

I also spotlighted the 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E owned by Merv and Dot Moyer. Merv is a long time drag racer and formally ran Sam Auxier’s 1969 Mustang as well as the former Hedman Husler Pro Stock Maverick. I have included some flashback footage of Merv with the Mustang when he raced at York US 30 Dragway.

I found a very cool 1961 Ford Starliner with a 200 MPH speedometer. Owner Zack Straits told me the whole story in an interview. I also interviewed Carl Mentz about his replica Shelby Cobra. Carl tells us about his 406 powered car and also a little bit about his original Cobra.  

Out on the track we begin with time trial action and the 78 FE powered race vehicles making one or more passes down the quarter mile. We saw every thing from low nine second passes to mid-fifteen second runs. The eight quickest cars during time trials would face each other in a class called Pro FE. The other cars would fit into either the Hot FE class (12.99 or quicker) or the Cool FE class (13.0 and slower.)

We also did an interview with Jerry Dick about the “Goin’ Thing” Mustang he was racing in the Hot FE class. Interesting story behind this car.  

Bud Gramer was racing a 1960 Starliner that is owned by Nick Smith of Stuart, Fl and we did an interview with Bud to learn more about the car and his relationship with Nick Smith. Another great FE car.

Paul Adams had his legal NHRA Super Stock 1964 Fairlane at the show and we get to see him make some low nine second passes and also participate in a special match race with a very cool FE powered 1958 Ford. When was the last time you saw a 512 ci FE ‘58 Ford?  

Our lone in-car camera footage comes from Brant Kelley and his wheel standing 1967 Fairlane Station Wagon. That wagon really gets the groceries.

They did a parade for the show cars and it was led off by Phil Bonner’s 1964 Ford Thunderbolt. It is always fun to watch the show cars take a lap down the track.

We follow final eliminations all the way down to the final run in all three categories. They also had a buy-back eliminator called Little Beaver and there was some great racing in there also.

Our final segment features a trip to Nick Smith’s Factory Lightweight’s Museum in Stuart, Fl. Nick has assembled a fantastic collection of factory lightweight drag race cars which includes Ford’s, Pontiac’s, Dodge’s and a lone 1963 Z-11 Chevrolet. You have to see the Museum to believe it. Nick had three 1960 FE Fords at the reunion and we get to see where they live. You won’t believe it. We did an interview with Nick and get the inside story on his passion for factory lightweights in general and FE Fords in particular. By the way Nick went to the final of the Little Beaver Eliminator. 

If you are a Blue Oval lover this is a video that you will want to add to your collection. If you just love the era of mid-sixties muscle cars this video should work for you. Order your copy today.  

The attached YouTube video is a promotional clip from the FE Race & Reunion 4/27 2013 full length video. Keep in mind the full 1 hour and 40 min video is in broadcast quality digital format. The full length video is fully narrated and includes personal interviews.