by Jim Amos

This three hour and forty-eight minute video production covers all the action of the Southern Outlaw Gassers Gasserpalooza at Atmore Dragway in Atmore, Al on October 15-16, 2021.

This years show turned out to be two full show and race events over a two day period. On Friday, October15, 2021 the event included time trials and elimination runs for all classes. The Gasser’s were classified as A/G 5.99 and quicker, B/G 6.00 to 6.49, C/G 6.50 - 6.99, D/G 7.00 - 7.49, E/G 7.50 - 7.99, F/G 8.00 and slower.  The racers were able to choose a dial-in within their bracket and it had to be a tenth with a hundredth ending with a 5 or 0. The gassers also continued racing after the class winners were determined in order to end up with a Top Gasser Eliminator.  

They also had a category for open wheel vehicles. In this category we found dragsters, altereds and roadsters. They also ran with a dial-in and the breakout rule was in effect.

The Southeast Nostalgia Drag Racing Association also had a class in the program and it was made up of Nostalgia Super Stock type cars. Once again these racers chose a dial-in during their competition and the breakout rule was in effect.

Race promoter Jessie Holmes also approved a group of exhibition vehicles for entertainment type runs. Like most exhibition shows this one was very exciting and enjoyable.

There was no car show at the event but I did walk around’s of the pit area and collected vehicle profiles and interview’s from 50+ race vehicle owner’s and drivers. I also talked with several crew members and two of the BUG’s (Back Up Girls) that were working on the starting line.

There were more than 125 race vehicles entered in the event over the two day period. The Gassers had to be 1967 and older and all other race vehicles had to be 1974 and older. There were two on-track incidents over the two day period but neither resulted in any injury or serious vehicular damage.

Friday’s eliminations began during daylight hours and continued into the darkness. It is really cool seeing the Gasser’s perform at nighttime. We follow the action all the way until the final pair made their way down the eighth mile drag strip. We also captured some of the winner’s circle activities.  

Our Saturday coverage begins with a walk around the pit area and a series of interviews with the owner/drivers of the cars that showed up for Day Two of the event. There were some different vehicles in attendance and we tried to profile as many as time would permit. The next order of business was the Gasser parade down the Atmore drag strip. Many of the cars were carrying youngsters who were experiencing the excitement of being in a race car in front of a group of adoring fans. After the parade we move to the first of two time trial runs for all the categories. Lots of racing on the track. I love the sounds of the cars and you will hear them make burn-outs, dry hops and full bore launches.

After the time runs we move to the first round of eliminations and we give you several different angles of the action. One thing that remains constant is the action, action, action. I intentionally limited my narration so you could enjoy seeing the cars as they would appear if you were actually at the race track. 

The people who are racing the cars are not Nationally known drag racers but rather regular people who have invested what money they can afford (or maybe more than they can afford) into building a car that allows them to be part of the Gasser scene. I guess you could say some are low buck and some others are big bucks. I know I enjoyed and appreciated all of them regardless of how much or how little was invested in the builds.

As I said earlier I did over 50 interviews during the two days and each has its own story. I am sure you will enjoy hearing them and even having a laugh or two along the way. You will see numerous examples of family involvement in the race vehicles. That seems to be a theme for the Southern Outlaw Gassers group. They pride themselves on being one big family bonded together through Gasser drag racing.

Similar to Friday we follow Saturday’s racing through the day and end up with the run for the Top Gasser Eliminator. At the awards ceremony you get to hear from the Top Gasser Eliminator driver and car owner. 

This is the longest video production I have done in the thirty-seven years of doing Bee On Video’s. Think of it, 3 hours and 48 minutes. Sort of reminds me of the classic movies (Cleopatra 1963, Gone With The Wind 1939, The Ten Commandments, 1956, and most recently The Irishman 2019) of Hollywood that were in excess of three hours. I recommend you take an intermission between the Friday and Saturday coverage. This is like getting three productions for the price of one. No doubt Jessie Holmes and the gang at Southern Outlaw Gassers  named this event accurately. It was a GasserPalooza

If you are are a Gasser fan this video is for you.  Get your copy of the video today. 

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