by Jim Amos



2003 marked the 40th anniversary of the 1963 Lightweight Ford Galaxies and a big reunion bash was held at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, Pa.  Twenty-eight (28) of these fantastic cars were in attendance along with some of the drivers who piloted them to victory on the drag strips of America.  The three day event begins with a get together at the Fairgrounds and then some good old fashioned Friday night drag racing at South Mountain Dragway.  You will see several of these historic lightweights take to the track and turn back the clock some 40 years.  

Saturday and Sunday coverage includes an overview of the All Ford event with special emphasis on the Lightweights.  We did interviews with: Phil Bonner, Dick Brannan, Al Joniac and Bill Holbrook.  Bill was the supervisor of the experimental garage in Dearborn and was responsible for building the first group of the Lightweights.  Each one of the cars has its own story and we give you some background of several cars including: Mickey Thompson's Hemi powered Lightweight (and this is no Chrysler Hemi), a lightweight that was part of a funeral story, the resurrection of the Norristown Ford Lightweight, Skip MacDougalls 8 second lightweight and many more.  

The Reunion also included two 1964 Lightweight Galaxies.  One of the cars was the World Championship car that was driven by Mike Schmidt under the Desert Motors sponsorship.  I have also included some flashback movie footage of Lightweights running back in 1963 and 1964.  They say this is the largest number (28) of Lightweights assembled in one place at one time since the running of the 1963 US Nationals.  There is no doubt this was a once in a lifetime experience.  

In addition to the Lightweights you will see a variety of the other cars coming out to the All Ford Nationals.  I really enjoyed filming the new performance cars from Ford.  How about the new 427 prototype family sedan or the new GT 40 or perhaps the new Mustang GT.  Yes the All Ford Nationals had a little bit of everything to please blue oval lovers and a lot to offer our Lightweight performance junkies.  This production runs for one hour and fifty two minutes. 

This video is fully narrated with a story line that runs on top of the video action.  

Order your copy now you will not be disappointed.