by Jim Amos



DVD #168

​This one hour and eleven minute video takes a look at a Vintage Drag Race that was held on the front stretch of the New Smyrna Speedway in Samsula, Fl. The New Smyrna Speedway is a half mile high banked asphalt oval race track located about twelve miles from the famous Daytona International Speedway. New Smyrna hosts Saturday night oval track racing throughout the year but this is the first time the straight liners have taken to the New Smyrna asphalt. Since the track is located just six miles from my home I thought I would go over and see what I could find. Well what I found was one of the most enjoyable days I have spent at a drag race in a long time. I guess the reason is that I felt I was transported back to the 1950's and 1960's when drag racing was in its infancy and usually people did it just for fun. By the time the day was over everyone was hoping that they could do it again and I certainly hope that is the case.  

I start the video off by showing you some footage of oval track racing at New Smyrna and also some of the other special attractions that have been held at the track. How about a motorcycle demolition derby. Crazy stuff. We also show a guy making a motorcycle jump over a running helicopter. Insane. Also included is an automobile demolition derby and some thrill show spectaculars. Very cool entertainment.  

From there we take you into the pit area and take a look at the cars and people who participated at the Vintage Drags. We found everything from all out race cars to everyday drivers. Of course we personalize the coverage with some up-close interviews and in-depth car profiles. I found a neat story that involved a highly customized Buick Special Convertible and another about a Hemi powered ‘29 Dodge Cpe with eight two barrel carbs on top of a supercharger. Way too cool. I also found a 1964 AFX style Ford Falcon and an ultra rare FiberFab Jamaican kit car from 1969.

They only charged $5 a carload to get into the event and that was the biggest bargain of the year. I was impressed with the number of young people who attended the show. Some were just spectating but others brought out their vehicles. I ran into several who were throw-back Hot Rodders. Yes these young people are still building their own Hot Rods and they had no problem racing them on the track. I loved it and I bet you will also.

When it came time to race you just pulled out onto the track and either made a single pass or you lined up against another car. There was no inspection, no rules, no classes and no awards. The only thing at stake was bragging rights if you were able to beat the car or truck you were racing. Talk about getting back to the grass roots of drag racing this event really did it. I even took my 1984 GT350 Mustang out for a couple passes and I held my video camera in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. I even got to brag about the one match up I won.  

They also had an impromptu burnout exhibition. Many of the participants took part but one Pickup truck stood out. I think you will enjoy this coverage.

I was also able to use some footage that was shot by a guy I met at the show. Jeff Mansell mounted a camera on the door of Brian Burt’s very cool Hot Rod and gave us a terrific look at the races. I am sure you will enjoy the on-board shots from Brian’s Hot Rod. 

If you are a fan of 1950's style drag racing or you would like to see what it was like back in the day this video is for you. Get your copy today.

The attached YouTube video clip is a sequence from the Vintage Drags at New Smyrna Speedway video. Keep in mind the full 1 hr 11 min video is in broadcast quality digital video. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promotional clip which only includes limited narration.