by Jim Amos


DVD #157

This 82-minute video covers the activities found at the Annual Nostalgia Drags and Car Show held at Palm Beach International Raceway on November 9, 2008.  This show is the first event held at the newly refurbished Raceway and it was a big success.  There was a great bunch of muscle show cars, cruise-in type cars and trucks and original factory produced drag race vehicles in attendance representing all three of the major manufacturers.  They also had some classic European cars in the show and we take a look at them also.  There were close to 400 cars and trucks on display and most of them I had never seen before.  

During the show car segment I include footage from a vintage 1950 movie that shows how Ford Motor Co salesmen were trained to do their job.  It is very entertaining and I am sure this will bring back memories for many of you. 

We also follow the action on the drag strip when our exhibition and bracket drag racers hit the all-concrete quarter mile.  This raceway has to be one of the most technically advanced tracks in the country.  You get to see some old gassers, nostalgia funny cars, and a great bunch of muscle cars as they make their way down the strip.  The Southern Slingshot Circuit also put on a show for the spectators and it was pretty cool seeing these old altereds and front engine dragsters doing their thing.

Several legends of drag racing were on hand and you get to meet "Big Daddy" Don Garlits and John Dianna.  Jerry and Darrell Gwynn we also at the show and we caught them bench racing in the pit area.  Also in attendance were New Jersey racers Jerry "Teachers Pet" Stine and Harold "Harry The Hat" LaPlatte.  Harry even did some flag starting on the line during the exhibition drag races.

I was also attracted to the special cars of Muscle Car Collector Nick Smith of Jupiter, Florida.  Nick has one of the 11 original Lightweight 1962 Ford Galaxies and he had it on display.  It is awesome!  The car was run out of the Jerry Alderman Ford Store back in 1962 and it looks better than new.  Nick also has a 1964 Hemi Dodge Sedan that is gorgeous and an unbelievable 421-powered lightweight Pontiac.  The fourth car is the 1966 stretched Mustang that was run by Gas Ronda of West Covina, Ca.  The Mustang has an injected SOHC 427 for go power.  

I also found a car that I had heard was making the rounds of car shows in Florida but I had not yet seen it.  It is the 1965 Super Mustang that was built and raced by Californian Ron Pellegrini.  I remember reading about the car in magazines but never saw it race.  The car is now owned by Bob Schramm and he tells us the story of how he found it in a junkyard in Tampa, Fl back in 1985 and ultimately restored it to its original condition.  I am sure you will enjoy this story.

We have done numerous special event videos through the years and it is always exciting to see new vehicles and document new stories about the nostalgia era.  If you have enjoyed some of our other event videos I am sure you will be happy to add this one to your library.  Get your copy now.  DVD or VHS. 

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the Nostalgia Drags at PBIR 2008.  Keep in mind the full 82 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.  The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.