by Jim Amos

SHRA Southern Thunder 2015

DVD #178

This one hour and nineteen minute video includes footage from the SHRA Southern Hot Rod Nationals held at Orlando Speed World Dragway on February 6th through the 8th 2015. The race included cars and trucks running in several different categories. The quickest cars ran in the Pro Mod class while others ran in Outlaw 632, X275 radial, Ultra Street and Open Comp. They also had three index classes for cars running 8.50, 10.00 and 11.00 seconds. The Pro Mod cars ran the full quarter mile as did the index classes while the others ran an eighth mile distance. 

The primary focus of this video was to follow 10.00 index racer Harry Pinkard and his 1990 Pontiac Firebird during time trials and final eliminations. As part of that coverage we captured all five time runs with three different cameras. Our primary hand-held camera captured the runs outside the car while camera number two was mounted inside the Pontiac to show you all the action inside the drivers compartment. We also mounted a third camera on the outside of the Pontiac body to give you a view of the car going down the track.  

Our coverage begins on Friday when the racers took part in a test and tune session under the lights at OSW. Unfortunately the weather was very cool and traction was less that desirable. On Saturday the Sun was out and the track warmed up for four qualification runs. Harry''s Pontiac was running consistently in the 9.91 range so the team had to slow the car down a tick for Sunday's eliminations.

We also show you a variety of runs from the other categories during our Saturday coverage. The Pro Mods were by far the most exciting with their smoky burn outs and six second quarter mile passes. We also saw a Chevy S10 run the eighth mile in 4.95 second. Now that was quick.

Dan Bernard of Miami Gardens, Florida was running a 7/8th scale funny car in the 11.00 index class and I did an interview with him where I learned more about the car. The mini funny uses a 1000 cc Honda motorcycle engine for power and it was easily in the 11 second range. Don has run a 10.71 with the car and it is quite an attention getter at the track.

In our Sunday coverage we follow Harry into round one of eliminations and see him get a win by running a 10.01. From there we show you more of the eliminations action and include the final runs in the 10.00, 11.00, 8.50, Ultra Street and Open Comp classes. We also do victory circle interviews with the 10.00 and 11.00 winners.

All in all this is a very entertaining video where you get to see what it is like to be an index racer at a major event. I think you will agree that it takes just as much preparation and effort with this type of racing as it does with the marque categories.

We have very limited narration attached to the story line so you get to see and hear the race cars just like you were a spectator at the track. Order you copy today.

The attached YouTube video clip is from the SHRA Southern Thunder Southern Hot Rod Nationals video.  Keep in mind the full 79 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.