by Jim Amos

                                      DVD #009

This seventy-minute original movie production includes rare footage of 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1969 drag racing at York US 30 Drag Strip.  The footage contains shots of Local, Regional and National level competitors.  In the 1965 segment two Super Stock and Factory Experimental races are profiled.  The first one took place on May 15, 1965 when the "Super Stockers In Action" Magazine hosted an S/S & FX show at York.   Over fifty-two cars entered the race and you will see most all of them.  Here are a few of the big names:  Dave Strickler, Ronnie Sox, Bill Jenkins, Jack Werst, Phil Bonner, Bud Faubel, Matt Fenton and Wild Bill Flynn.  

Next is the "1965 Super Stock Magazine Nationals."  We recently discovered some never before seen footage of the event and we intermixed it into some of our library footage.  The result is a very complete look at the event from three trackside locations including some top end shots that will really get you excited.  The segment shows fifty-two different cars making one or more runs at the event.  In addition to the people named above you will see:  Fast Eddie Schartman, Wally Bell, Dick Landy, Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge, The Golden Commandos, Bob Harropp, Butch Leal, Al Joniac, Moyer Mercury Comet, Bob Ford, Tasca Ford, Ken Poffenburger, Arnie Beswick, Melrose Missile, Dick Brannan, George Weiler, Hurst Hemi Under Glass wheel stander and many more.  

The 1966 segment includes Bill Jenkins A/S Chev II, Jerry Stahl, Bruce Larson, Huston Platt, Shirt Greer, and Jack Chrisman.  The 1968 segment includes:  Bob Banning Dodge, Big Red Plymouth, Pee Wee Wallace, Dave Strickler S/S Camaro, Bill Stiles, Arlan Vanke and many more.   I should also mention that there are a ton of Gassers, Modified Production and Altered cars mixed in also.  Some of the names include:  The Moose, Virgil Cates, Charlie Hill, Jack Merkel, Ed Hildebrandt, Ross Gilbert, Bill Coon, Eastern Automotive, Harry Lazader, Coney Island Ralph Landolfi, The Flyin Butcher and many more.  I have also included interviews with Bud Faubel, Mr. Norm and the late Bill Flynn.  

As always we have taken the time to dub real car sounds on to the movie footage in order to give you the most realistic sights and sounds available of the golden era of drag racing.  You will not be disappointed.  

This video is fully narrated with a story line that runs on top of the video action.  Order your copy today and you can help by passing the word on to your friends.