by Jim Amos

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the York US 30 Rated "R" video.  Keep in mind the full 112 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.  The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.
DVD #014

This one hundred and twelve minute original movie production includes rare footage of drag racing at York US 30 Drag Strip as well as bonus footage from Cecil County Dragway, Englishtown and Island Dragway.    WARNING  This video contains:  Excessive Speed, Drive Line Abuse and women in brief attire.  

The video begins with a look at the way things were back in the mid 1960's at York. You get to see an assortment of gassers, altereds, dragsters and stockers.  The big names of the sport appear as well as some of the regular racers and their cars.

The next segment focuses on the late 1960's and the early1970's.  You see funny car match races, the NHRA Summer Nationals1970 Super Stock Nationals1972 Super Stock Nationals, and the 1972 Funny Car Nationals.  In this segment we talk to Rich LaMont about his 1968 Norristown Ford Cobra Jet Mustang and Bill Stiles about his Hemi Cuda and Hemi Duster.  There is some incredible footage of the Stiles Cuda and his Duster in action at Englishtown and Island dragways.

Did I mention women in brief attire?  Yes I did.  Now you get to see Jungle Pam in one of her most talked about outfits the infamous fishnet top.  As she tells us it did not leave anything to the imagination.  I am sure you will agree!

The final segment takes a look at the 1976 Super Stock Nationals.  Bracket racing was included in the program and you get to see many of the not so famous cars that had a chance to race at this prestigious event.  I have included two stories about regular racers that participated in the program.  I think you will really enjoy the story of the Penn Brothers and their original 427 Shelby Cobra.  They still have the car today and we went to their garage and talked to them about it. 

There are hundreds of cars in this video and many of them are shown multiple times during eliminations.  Funny Cars, Pro Stockers, Dragsters, Wheelstanders, gassers, modifides, altereds, Super Stockers, Stockers and bracket cars.  

As always we have taken the time to dub real car sounds on to the movie footage in order to give you the most realistic sights and sounds available of the golden era of drag racing.  We have also included relative narration in the video so you can follow all the action that takes place.  Get your copy today.  Our DVD includes 18 Chapter markers so you can quickly navigate to your favorite part of the video.

I know we have lost many Racers from the golden era of Drag Racing and many of the Drag Strips are long gone but here at Bee On Video we hope to take you back in time so you can relive those exciting times where the legends race forever.  We will continue to document the history of our sport and tell the story of the people who made it what it is today.  So if you like what we are doing please pass the word and help to support our effort.