by Jim Amos



This 90 minute video takes a look at the second annual car show held at the Advanced Technology Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Ordinarily I do not record car shows but this one is different.  Since I teach American History at the school I became involved in organizing  a car show to help promote the school in the Daytona Beach area.  I believe this turned out to be one of the most diverse car shows I have ever attended.  Like most car shows we had a variety of antique, classic and special interest vehicles that ranged from a Model T right up to a new Chrysler Crossfire.  In all over 300 cars and trucks were on display.  As usual I was able to find some interesting stories when I talked to people and they come out in the video.  We also had a group of antique motorcycles show up and there was a lot of history surrounding them.  This probably does not surprise you as Daytona is know for its annual Bike Week activities.  The show also featured a live nationwide radio broadcast featuring Bobby Likus and his Car Clinic call-in show.  Bobby also displayed his great looking Dodge Viper. 

We also had several interactive displays where show visitors were able to test their skills on a drag racing Christmas tree reaction timer and also on a home theater NASCAR racing simulator.  The equipment in the theater was valued at more than $20,000.  

I also enjoyed the interview we did with people from Speed Park which is located directly across from Daytona International Speedway.  They brought out a racing go cart and one of their Nitro Alley Rear Engine Dragsters.  If you ever come to Daytona you have to try the ride.  You can go from 0 to 75 MPH in 3 seconds.  It is a blast.  I also show the  dragsters running at the park and explain how it works.  

Since our school is made up of high school students we also had plenty of fast and furious cars on display.  When I talked to them I found that they were doing exactly what most cruisers do when the go to car shows, talk cars.  We even had a sound system competition for the boomers and they had a blast.  

I also brought out my new Junior Dragster and had it on display along with my 1978 Chevy Corvette Pace Car Go Cart.  They kids loved them.  Both kids and adults also enjoyed the scale model car display set up in the school atrium.  

And finally I talked a friend of mine into bringing out his ex Gene Snow 1974 Vega Flip Top Funny Car.  Bill Brown started the funny car two different times during the show and gave those sound systems car owners  something to talk about.  I believe this is a very entertaining video and may give you some ideas on how you can spice up a car show in your area.  I just think it was great that we could get several generations together at the same time enjoying the same thing, cars.  Automobiles are truly a universal language.