by Jim Amos

This one hour and forty-six minute video production covers all the activities at the Nostalgia Nights Drag Racing Series event at Cottonwood Dragway on June 25-26, 2021. 

This event is one of several races held during 2021 for racers participating in the Nostalgia Nights Drag Racing Series promoted by Johnny and Ann Jordan. Johnny has been a drag race promoter for at least 40 years and he and his wife Ann enjoy interacting within the drag racing community.  

Johnny has sweetened the June race program with a special appearance by 95 year old Captain Jack McClure and his rocket powered go-cart. Captain Jack will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by running his go-cart at over 200 MPH in the eighth mile. 

Friday was listed as a test and tune day along with a meet and greet for fans wanting to talk with Captain Jack. The Captain topped off the evening with a test pass in his little go-cart.  

Saturday was the big day for the event and I was there early so I could do a trip around the pit area looking for interesting vehicles, people and stories. It was a park anywhere type of car show and I found some interesting vehicles as I toured the pit area. I did a few interviews with the car show people and one guy had a very interesting hood ornament on his 1947 Ford Sedan. 

I had a chance to talk with Georgia racer Ray Lloyd about his racing career that dates back to 1966. Ray has the distinction of being the NHRA Division 2 Super Pro Champion in 2006. Ray also had a chance to compete at the World Finals at Pamona, Ca in 2006. He is still running the same car and still wins rounds with it. Great story.  

I also had a chance to talk with Eric Mathis who was the IHRA World Record Holder with an A/Econo Dragster in 1981-1982-1983 and 1984. Eric runs a successful racing carburetor business and he gave us the lowdown on some of the modern technology in delivering fuel to nostalgia vehicles as well as modern day drag vehicles. 

Johnny Jordan introduced me to BUG (Back Up Girl) Donna White and she gave me some insight into her role at the track. Nice lady to talk with.  

My next interview was a in-depth discussion with Captain Jack about his drag racing career. His first involvement with a rocket cart goes back to 1963 at Tampa Dragway in Florida. We have included some historic footage of Jack at Tampa when he was running a Turbonique powered cart. After the Turbonique power Jack moved to a hydrogen peroxide powered cart. Jack ran that car for years as an exhibition vehicle. Jack recently teamed up with Kurt Anderson who also runs a rocket powered vehicle and together they are giving Jack a chance to get back into the car he has had since 1970. With it, they hope to get him down the 1/8 mile at 200 MPH. Even though they came up a little short it was a world record to have a 95 year old guy put on a fire suit, strap himself in the cart and make two passes down the track. Amazing story and an amazing guy. You have to see it to believe it.  

The rest of the video is dedicated to the racing program that ran from the daylight hours until midnight or so. Along the way we crowned a couple category champions and did some winners circle interviews.  

In this video we get to see some great racing and we meet some terrific people. If Nostalgia type racing is something you like I am sure you will enjoy this video. If for nothing else you have to see the story of Captain Jack McClure.

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