by Jim Amos


DVD #187

This two hour and fifty-four minute video production covers all the action at the Gulf Coast Vintage Drag Racing Championship Races at Gulfport Dragway in Gulfport, Mississippi on September 6-7, 2019. 

The video begins by showing some of the Test and Tune runs at the track on Friday evening. We also conducted several interviews with the early arrival Gasser teams. Also included is an interview with Jimbo Perkins who publishes the Gulf Coast Motorsports Magazine. Jimbo operates the Pit Stop Shop at the track and he shows us around his setup.

Our Saturday coverage begins with a walk around the pit area and a series of interviews with the owner/drivers of the various cars at the event. Each interview includes an overview of the race vehicle and some information about the people who race them.

We had five individual classes at the event. In addition to the Gassers (1967 and older) we had a Footbrake class (1974 and older), a three pedal or stick shift class (1974 and older), an open wheel class and a Junior dragster class. All classes were allowed two Time Trial runs prior to Eliminations.

The Gasser field included a great variety of cars. You get to see Bill Ziel’s “Coon-Tang” Falcon, Shawn Peterman’s 1956 Ford, the Aubrey Padgett’s “Big Iron” 1951 Chevy, Brad Outlaw’s Ford Ranchero, Randy Goodwin’s Nasty Nash, Rodney Potter’s 41 Ford, Joe Bush’s ‘40 Willys, Shelby Berard’s Novadose Chevy, Frank Blaylock’s Dixie Bootlegger Falcon, Bill Stipe’s K/G VW, Dan Moon’s ‘57 Vette, Tommy Johnson’s ‘55 Chevy, Jimmy Roberts Dixie Flyer Willys, Jerry Lopez’s River Rat ‘55 Chev, Tony Incardona’s Falcon Ranchero, Dan Cunningham’s ‘52 Chevy, Dan Tackett’s ‘38 Chevy, Gary Weatherford’s 38 Chevy, Yohn and Enfinger’s ‘51 Chevy, Jack Hobson’s ‘67 Valient, Ronnie Sandifer’s Dodge gasser, Vaughn Davis’s ‘64 Comet, Johnny Armstrong’s Johnny Reb Chevy, Richard Mill’s 4 door ‘55 Chevy, Larry Bagwell’s Beast ‘55 Chevy and Cody Triesch’s ‘55 Chevy among others.

We had twenty-four gassers enter the first round of competition and we follow every run and every round through the final two cars in the class. The Gassers ran a dial-in ET format with a five-tenths full Christmas tree start.

Just in case any of our gassers had a mechanical malfunction or racing mishap we had a classic 1974 Ford wrecker on the grounds. Owner Buck Townley of New Orleans, LA gives us the story of how he got the big Ford and some of the history behind the truck. Very interesting story. 

In between competition rounds we show you some exhibition cars in action on the track. They were loud and fast. What more can you ask for?

We close out the video by showing all the class finals and the trophy presentations in the Gulfport Dragway winners circle. This was a great bunch of racers and a terrific group of cars. If you enjoy old school type drag racing this video is for you. Order your DVD today.

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the Gassers at Gulfport video.  Keep in mind the full 174 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.