by Jim Amos

                                  DVD #150

This 83-minute video covers all the activities at the 2005 edition of the Old Drag Racer's Reunion held in Panama City, Florida.  

Each year a group of old drag racers from the southeastern part of the country get together for a time of reflection and reminiscing and our BEE ON VIDEO cameras were there to capture all the action.  A big car show is part of the event and many interesting cars show up each year.  

This year we had two old Gassers make an appearance and man they were something special.  The first one is a 1940 Willys called "The Chicken Picker."  The second one is the famous "Hemi Hurricane" of Bunky Bobo.  We interviewed both owners and got the full scoop on the cars.  Great stories.  

They also did something different at this show in that they went around to 23 different cars and did a big cackle fest.  It was a highlight for me and you get to see and hear them all.  It was a mix of Big Block Fords, Big Block Chevy's, Hemi Mopars and high revving small blocks.  

I also interviewed a few of the Old Racers including:  Wally Bell, J.C. Sizemore, George Warren and Dick Brannan.  In addition I did an interview with Jerry Coley of the Phenix Dragway in Phenix City, Al.  This drag strip was around during the golden years of the sport and Jerry gave us a run down on its history.  I also used some old movie footage from our Bee On Video film library to supplement his interview.  It is some classic stuff from the 1960's.  

We close out the video with a very quick overview of the awards ceremony where several racers were inducted into the Old Drag Racer's Hall of Fame.  In order to gain entrance you must be at least 65 years old so these guys are very special pioneers of the sport.  They have been holding this reunion since 2001 and I believe this is the best one that Sol and Anne Stewart have had so far. Our DVD includes 13 Chapter markers so you can quickly navigate to your favorite part of the video.  Get your copy today.  

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