by Jim Amos


#008  DVD

This two-hour video picks up where the story ended in Volume #1.  The first segment closes out the Super Stock and Factory Experimental era and includes footage of Jack WerstBob HarropWally Bell and George Whalen.  George was a regular at PDL and he purchased the former Dave Strickler '64 Hemi Dodge and changes it into "The Rebel."  Hear the complete story of the car from George himself.

The next segment deals with the Gas Supercharged era.  See Stone, Woods & CookK S PittmanCharlie Hill and Bob Chipper.  Other gassers running at Pocono are also included.

The next segment deals with the early funny cars at PDL.  See Ken Poffenberger's Super Corvair, Brutus Firebird, Mel Perry's Super Hugger, Wallace Knotts Super Cougar, Jungle Jim Nova, Paula MurphyJim Maybeck's "Patriot" (old Bruce Larson '66 Chevelle), The Shark Corvette,  Al Graeber Tickle Me Pink Charger, Tommy GroveLimeFire Cuda, and George Whalen's Rebel Cuda.  Once again George tells how he purchased the former Bill Flynn Yankee Peddler Funny Car and changes it into the Rebel.  We also have a story about a local team that purchased the former "Flying Dutchman" Funny Dart and turned it into the "Wild Man."  The footage of these cars is priceless.    

We have also included footage of people who were regular racers at PDL and a few of them went on to gain celebrity status.  See Joe Amato (5 time Top Fuel World Champion) driving his early gasser cars.  Renowned engine builder John Gulius also started his racing career at Pocono and we talk to him about his S/S Camaro. Wally Bell S/S and Pro Mod pioneer was a racer and the track manager during the 1960's.  We also did an interview with Tim Richards (Crew Chief on the Budweiser Top Fuel Dragster) and he talks about how he cut his teeth at PDL as a driver of a S/S Plymouth.   

We also did an interview with Chester Kilmer, Jr. "The Timberman" and you will hear and see him purchasing Arlen Vanke's original Tin Indian I '62 lightweight 421 Pontiac.  Chester brings the car to Pocono Drag Lodge and sets a national record with it.  Very rare footage of the car. 

Also included are a short segment on wheelstander's at PDL and a very entertaining segment on the Auto Destruction Derby.  You have to see them crashing the cars right on the drag strip.

Selected interviews are intermixed with original movie footage of this golden era of drag racing.  

And just like all our videos we have taken the time to dub real car sounds on to the racing movie footage so it will look and sound just like it was. This video runs a full two hours and is part two of a two part series. If you are a fan of the early days of drag racing this video is an absolute must. 

This video is fully narrated with a story line that runs on top of the video action.  Order now, you will not be disappointed. 

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