by Jim Amos


DVD #155

This eighty-one minute video includes footage from the 2008 York US 30 Reunion held at the York County Fairgrounds in York, Pa. and drag racing action from the Nostalgia Nationals held at Beaver Springs Dragway.  

The Reunion segment looks at the terrific group of cars that came out to the show and the special people who own them.  We saw everything from Stocker's to Dragster's.  I even found a really cool "Rat Rod" pickup truck with Pocono Drag Lodge lettering on it.  The Gassers were well represented and a special area was set up for Willys cars.  The Stone, Woods and Cook car that was voted the most popular car of all time in National Dragster was on display and we show you some flashback footage of when it ran at the Nationals in 1962.  The Super Car Workshop of Latrobe, Pa brought out a great bunch of cars again this year including:  Red Alert Chevelle, Soul Survivor Camaro and two Fred Gibb 1969 COPO Novas.  The Pacers Auto Club of Long Island New York brought out their AA/A Roadster and we include some great vintage movie footage of it back in 1965.  

There are a whole bunch of great old Super Stocker's in the coverage and among them was a very interesting 1965 AMC Marlin.  Its owner also enjoys the vintage powerboat hobby and we included a short story about that activity.  From there we take you to the area where they were hosting a tribute to Oldsmobile.  We did a feature on Bruce Larson's 1989 World Championship Olds Funny Car and a 1970 Oldsmobile that was run by the late Paul Mayo.  We also had a chance to talk to Sam Auxier, Jr about two of his former cars that were making their first appearance at the show.  The first car was his 1969 Mustang and the other was his former Pro Stock Ford Pinto.

We also had some time to go outside the Toyota Arena and visit with the Cruisers who came out in record numbers.  Let me just say that not all the great cars were inside the Arena there were plenty outside as well.    

Ronnie Allyn a regular at Atlantic City doing his "Remembering Elvis" show was at the Reunion and sang a duet with Ms. Hurst Golden Shifter Linda Vaughn.  Ronnie also raced at York US 30 back in the 1960's and he had his trophy winning 1957 Plymouth Fury on display.

The York's Nostalgia Nationals drag racing action takes place at Beaver Springs Dragway in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We begin by looking at some time trial runs by both the Nostalgia Super Stockers and the Gassers.   I caught some great shots of the cars from behind the starting line.  It was also cool to see a flag starter being used to start the cars during the time trial action.  After the Super Stockers cleared the track the wild Gassers came up for their shot at the track. Cool stuff.  

After the playing of the National Anthem it was time for the first round of N/SS eliminations but only two pair of cars made it down the track before the rain arrived.  They tried their best to wait out the rain but the weather won out and the race concluded with no further racing.   Even though we did not crown Eliminator Champions I think you will enjoy the footage that is included in the video. 

It just seems that this show gets better and better each year and 2008 is no exception.  Order you copy today.  

The attached YouTube video clip is a low resolution sequence from the York Reunion and Nostalgia Drags 2008 video.  Keep in mind the full 81 min video is in broadcast quality digital video.  The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds.