by Jim Amos

York US 30 Musclecar Madness Reunion 2002

The best Nostalgia Drag Race Reunion ever held is now history but you can still experience what it was like to be there with this 2-hour tape that covers all the activities.  This show brought together the largest group of famous racecars and drag racing celebrities since the running of the first Super Stock Nationals at York US 30 on August 7, 1965.  There are just too many race cars to list but here are a few: The Virginian AWB '65 Hemi Plymouth, Al Joniac's '68 Cobra Jet Mustang, Dave Strickler's '62, '63 and '68 Super Stock Chevy's, The Frog Studebaker, Paul Blevan's 55 Nomad, Dick Landy's '65 AWB Dodge, Sox & Martin '70 Pro Stock Cuda, Hubert Platt's '64 TBolt, Ken Montgomery's "555" '65 Hemi Plymouth, The Hurst Hemi Under Glass Cuda, Bill Stiles '68 SS/B Cuda, Dyno Don '64 Comet, USA 1 '68 Camaro Fuel Funny Car, The Honker '64 Hemi Dodge, Bob Harrop's Flying Carpet '64 Hemi Dodge, The Norristown Ford TBolt, Tom Myl's '67 RO23 Plymouth, plus many many more.  You will also meet the Star's of Drag Racing including:  Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, Dyno Don Nicholson, Herb McClandless, Tom Sneden, Bud Faubel, Bob Riggle, Dick Brannan, George Weiler, Pee Wee Wallace, Billy West, Bruce Larson, Ed Hedrick, Arnie "Farmer" Beswick, Bill Stiles, Jungle Pam Hardy, Linda Vaughn and many more.  Also featured are Gassers, Modified Production cars, Altered's, early Dragsters and one motorcycle.  I have also used some flashback movie footage from the Bee On Video movie vault to link the present with the past.   Above all this video is a valuable history lesson about the early days of drag racing in general and York US 30 in particular.  This video is fully narrated with a story line that runs on top of the video action.  This video is a must have!