by Jim Amos


The second annual York US 30 Muscle Car Reunion is in the books and now you can experience what it was like to be there with this 2-hour production that covers all the activities.  

This year's format was similar to last year in that there was a fantastic group of famous racecars and a host of notable drag racing celebrities on hand.   Here is a partial list of the cars you will see:  Ed Millers '65 Hemi Plymouth World Champion Car, Jere Stahl's '66 Plymouth Hemi A/S World Champion Car,  Bud Faubel's Hemi Honker Dodge,  Len Richter's 63 ½ Lightweight Ford,  Sox & Martin Pro Stock Duster,  Sox & Martin '68 Hemi Cuda,  Dick Landy Pro Stock Dodge,  Brainbeau '67 Oldsmobile 442 B/S record holder,  Norristown Ford 63 ½ Lightweight Ford,  Pete's Patriot AMX Super Stock Car,  Bill Jenkins Pro Stock Vega,  Bob Banning 64 Hemi Dodge,  Ken Montgomery's 68 Hemi Barracuda Pro Stocker,  Dick Arons Super Stock Camaro,  Bill Stiles SS/BA Hemi Cuda,  Dick Harrell Flip Top Camaro Funny Car,  Bill Flynn's 65 AWB Plymouth Yankee Peddler,  King & Marshall AA/FD rail,  Joe Jacono Rollin Stoned Cuda Funny Car,  Dave Hales Willys Gasser,  Jr. Thompson Opel Gasser,  Tony Nancy Flathead powered Roadster,  Hill Bros.  Willys Gasser,  and many many more.  

Interviews with:  Hubert Platt,  Bill Jenkins,  Jere Stahl,  Malcolm Durham,  Ronnie Sox,  Joe Jacono,  Ohio George Montgomery,  Jack Merkel,  Tom Sneden and Ed Miller are also included.  I also had a chance to talk to the members of the famous S & S Racing Team including:  K.S. Pittman,  Fred Bear,  Dave Hales,  Chuck Stolze,  and Gene Altizer.   There were three original 1950's Lynwood Welding dragsters at the show and I had a chance to talk to Pat Bilbow's son Bob about the history of these mail order dragsters.  Linda Holtz, daughter of Bill Holtz, was at the show and I talked to her about her involvement in the management of York US 30 Dragway.  I also talked to the former trophy girl Geri Ann Gilbert and track announcer George Nye.  

New this year was a crackelfest activity and you'll see and hear the Harrell Camaro and Stiles SS/BA Cuda rattle the windows. 

I have also used some flashback movie footage from the Bee On Video movie vault to link the present with the past.  It is hard to believe that the event could get any better than it was last year but I think they did it.  Lots of new cars and many new stories.  This video is fully narrated with a story line that runs on top of the video action.  If you enjoyed York 2002 you will most certainly enjoy the 2003 edition.  Get your copy NOW!